Small cap market in Spain is full of unique high return niche opportunities that lack funding


The private equity team focuses in growth opportunities in the Spanish lower mid-market. This represents the vast majority of the SMEs. Within this segment, the partners target companies generating less than €3m of EBITDA and seek to invest between €5m to €10m per company to acquire majority in order to hold control and to drive value.

The partners concentrate on investing in proven businesses which are at an inflexion point with potential to experience high sustainable growth, as a result of a new source of competitive advantage or due to its strong positioning in a high growth market.

There are over 20,000 potential targets within Eneas niche. These are solid businesses that have survived the crisis but have limited access to financing. Many of these businesses have minimum leverage and currently are looking for growth capital to develop their next business stage. The team has a strong relationship with over 8,000 of these companies.

We transform small businesses into niche champions


The private equity team seeks to acquire control in high quality niche growth oriented businesses that have a strong and differentiated competitive edge and, under the leadership of an entrepreneur, offer the potential for significant growth. The team will also consider minority holdings with strong protection rights in specific instances.

The team then plays a key role in creating value by attracting talent to support the entrepreneurs and their teams, by enhancing their strategy, by driving operational improvements and by identifying acquisition targets to grow and buyers to exit the business.

The partners seek to establish a strong partnership with those entrepreneurs who are highly motivated to develop solid businesses and become one of the market leaders in their respective sectors. They then target the optimal capital structure to ensure the right balance between control and the ability to pursue the strategic and operational objectives.